Added by on 2014-11-27

It looks like Beats Music is about to make one hell of a comeback in 2015, whether people want it or not. According to Financial Times, Apple is planning to automatically install the music streaming service onto every iPhone in 2015 and moving forward. A few months back there were rumors that Apple planned to shut down the streaming service altogether, though they were ultimately denied while the company kept quiet about the real plans for the service. According to the report, in March of next year, Apple will send out an iOS update that will load the program onto phones, with streaming services starting at $9.99 per month, and $99.99 per year. 

Beats Music came to Apple in the acquisition of Beats By Dre for the sum $3 billion back in May, and was originally planned as Apple’s answer in the music streaming game that is largely dominated by Spotify. The same question remains though, can Apple rejuvenate the service and make it a serious contender in the music streaming business? Only time will tell.